Rules and Standards

Please do your part by complying with the following rules:

Safety: Residents should look out for one another, alerting police to any unwarranted activities.

  • Permanently locate your gas bbq grill at the farthest point on the deck, as far away as possible from your home. This is to prevent a fire hazard to you and your entire row.
  • Any other source of fire is prohibited (ex. ‘fire pits’, ‘fire tables’, etc.)
  • Broken basement windows must be fixed quickly with a new or repaired window (plastic bags are not acceptable or safe)

Cleanliness and Consistency: In order to preserve the safety and beauty of our community, we ask residents to comply with the following standards:

  • Trees and shrubs in the front of your home must be trimmed and go no higher than the bottom of the second floor.
  • No storage is allowed under decks; this includes tires, cones, sand, pieces of wood, pipes, propane tanks, etc.
  • If you have any intention of preserving your deck, be aware that it must be clear polyurethane only. No colors are allowed. If you have stained or painted your back deck in something other than a natural manner, it must be put back to its original look in order to maintain a consistent natural look throughout the complex.
  • No clotheslines are allowed on the back decks or anywhere outside of your home.
  • There are to be no visible signs of cable coming in and out of homes through the vinyl siding (such as TV, Telephone, or Satellite). If you have had a cable punched through the siding (in the front, back or sides of the house), this must be fixed by running it internally.
  • Each front door must have a screen door that is an exact match to the one in your row.
  • All shutters must be installed properly on the front of your home.
  • All holiday lights must be removed within one month after that particular holiday.
  • Please dispose of garbage properly. Do not “chuck it” into the hut. Bag it and try your best to squeeze it into a dumpster.
  • Feel free to enjoy the use of the driveway and common area in front of your home with your family in a safe and respectful way. At the end of the day, anything you brought out must be put away inside your home. The front lawn and garden area is not a storage area.
  • No nuisances shall be allowed upon the property nor shall any use or practice be allowed which is a source of annoyance to residents or which interferes with the peaceful possession and proper use of the property by its residents.
  • The Common Area shall not be obstructed, littered, defaced or misused in any manner.” If you or your children are found to be damaging the common area, a fine will be imposed and the homeowner will be responsible for the bill of the repair.
  • No homeowner shall make or permit any disturbing noises in any building or do or permit anything to be done therein, which will interfere with the rights, comforts or conveniences of other Homeowners.” Village Fairgrounds II follows along with the Village of West Haverstraw’s ordinances, including their noise ordinance. Remember sound carries in our little community. What you might think is quiet and acceptable, may not be to your neighbors. Village ordinances state noise levels should be lowered past 6:00pm each evening, but certainly after 9:00 pm Sunday through Thursday noise should be at an unobtrusive level. Any issues with this and you should call the police.
  • The only roofing shingles allowed are “Weathered Wood”.
  • ANY WORK done on the outside of the homes requires approval from Hellman Management in advance.

Pets: Pets are welcome in our community. Please be considerate of other residents by complying with the following rules:

  • Keep all pets on a leash when they are outside.
  • Pets may not be chained to trees or signs in the community.
  • Please make sure that pets do not rip up any common grass areas in or around the community.
  • Clean up after your pets AT ALL TIMES!!!


  • No unregistered or un-inspected vehicles are allowed in the community.
  • No commercial vehicles are allowed overnight in the community.
  • No overnight parking on the streets.

Please feel free to contact Hellman Management with any questions at (845) 353-2400.

Rule enforcement:

In order to enforce the rules and by-laws of our community, fines will be issued for infractions. Fines currently start at $150 per violation and must be paid by the homeowner as per the by-law agreement that every homeowner signs. Warning letters are not legally required but may be sent by the board or management company at their discretion.

We rely on you to tell us what is happening and to report any violations that might be occurring in the community. Please feel free to write the board or contact the management office –